Circular scratches on cds

Recently I discovered 2 of my most favorite CDs were scratched by my Sony CD-Rom. The scratches are some very thin circular scratches. 1 cd has just 1 scratch, the other has 2. They are very visible. I don’t think they are deep.

After the discovery, I played them again and found both of them have about 1 minute or less no longer playable. I was distraught by this. After searching the internet for ways to fix them, I learned about the toothpaste method and the Plexus one.

I tried the toothpaste method on an unimportant burned cd but wasn’t happy with the result because it left more scratch marks on the cd. This is not what I want. I am going to try Plexus.

But before I do so, let me ask you guys first: are circular scratches fixable? (“fixing” here means to have the cds become readable at least once again so that I can burn copies of them.) Most of the “good results” I heard from people fixing their cds with Plexus or by other methods were related to other kinds of scratches, not circular in particular.

Thanks anyone who may help :slight_smile:

sallin, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

There are companies who specialize in rescuing CDs and DVDs by using special machinery to polish the surface. Which companies exist in your neighborhood and what they charge is unknown to me, but here in Denmark it’s possible to have it done for less than the cost of buying the original CD/DVD again.