Circular marks on dvdr after burning

Hi , this is a strange question ,
i have burned about 30 dvdrs and have noticed on the recording side extreme changes in the shade of the burn mark (sorry i cant explain this very well) it just looks like a section of the dvdr is very dark purple then lighter then darker (the darker rings are very thin), i have seen this on other dvdrs but not to this extent (only minor changes in shade) , the data rips back to hard drive fine so is this something i should worry about?
would it be a problem in the future if i wanted to access the data or if i can rip it back to hard drive now can i assume its as safe as any dvdr i burn that dosent have this.
it seems to be verbatim it happens to the most , i am burning at 8x on 8x media.
any advice anyone has would be very helpfull.

Perhaps you should test one of them in Nero CD/DVD Speed. It is a free program you can use with most dvd burners—found here

Insert the disk, start up the program, hit Run Test at the top of the window and select the Transfer Rate test. You should get a smooth curve as the drive reads the disk. Big drops in read speed are something to be concerned about.

Once it is finished you can save an image of the test and post it here for inspection if you like. Hit the little floppy disk icon at the top right of the program window. Save the image, then when you reply here on cdfreaks, you go to Advanced reply (not Quick Reply) then to Manage Attachments and specify where on your computer you saved the file. This will upload the image.

Which burner are you using by the way?

thanks for your help , i am using an LG burner , i will check out the program you suggested tonight when i get home.
i will post results… sorry if i am a bit vague i am just learning as i go.

Why are saying it seems to be Verbatim don’t have Verbatim logo on the disc? try other brand see if you come to different conclusion and let’s know.

Scan that discs, surely you will see that nothing is wrong with the media or content.

That rings are only cosmetical because of the write strategy the burner has used!