Circuitcity Sale - Philips 8X 25 DVDRs ($6.99) & 50 CDRs ($7.99)

Philips 8X DVD Media for $6.99

I am not sure about the Media code, maybe someone who knows can share.


Philips CD Media (50) for $7.99


I just grabbed a couple of packs of the DVD+Rs. Most of the packs were “Made in China.” I got the few that were labeled “Made in Taiwan.” The disc ID is: CMC MAG-E01-00.

How are these discs?

China??? How low can Philips go as a leader in optical world. Well Chas0039 is gonna jump on it because am sure he doesn’t have MIC Philips yet. And since he is looking for new media to test out. So expect a scan of those MIC philips from chas0039 soon.

That is really suprizing!!! Unless I am completlly mistaken, someone posted having got mcc from philips (which really suprized me). The china thing suprizes me even more. If I have been informed right, philips co-developed cmcmage01 and it uses phillips dye. I would have thought that it would alway be cmc, but maybe philips is going the way of memorex. I wonder what circuit citys return policy is with open media? I wouldn’t mind playing with some of the chinease stuff (morbid curosity).
Just looked on videohelp. Looks like they are using anything they can get thier hands on.

I was under the impression CMC has a plant in China… don’t they? I doubt the quality is much different than the Taiwanese stuff, since they’re both CMC. We’re not talking about HK trash here.

Well, I dont really care much about any other brands, as long as there are MIJ media, then I dont care.

i bought these the last time they were on sale. i got cmc mag e01 and mcc 003. I’ve inspected and re-inspected the packaging and I’m convinced there’s NO way to tell them apart.

I had AWFUL luck with these philips cmcs. out of a 25 pack i ended up with the first 5 discs being coasters. I slowed down to 2x and I’m glad I don’t own an error scanning capable drive. I’ve been using these to burn stuff for my little brother.

the MCCs were great for me though.

(I’m burning on a toshiba sdr3572. not a great drive, so your results with the above media might vary)