Circuit City Verbatim media clearance (U.S.)

Going on since last week at Circuit City. I was returning home from a trip yesterday and stopped at two stores here in the San Francisco Bay Area… They had:

25-packs of Verbatim Digital Movie 4x +R (MCC002) for $6.99 (I love this media, so I got five!)
25-packs of 16x +R (MCC004) for $9.99
5-packs of 8x +R and -R in jewel cases (made in Taiwan or Singapore) for $2.69
10-packs of (4x?) Digital Movie +R in video cases for $4.99
50- and 100-packs of Verbatim 52x CD-R for $4.99 and $9.99, respectively
25-packs of five-color Verbatim Digital Vinyl CD-R for 4.99
probably more, but you get the idea

This is not the cheapest media around, even at these clearance prices, however it’s good, solid quality stuff. If you pass by a Circuit City, take a look, they might still have some left, but it looks like they are not going to sell Verbatim anymore.

I was in Circuit City today and got some of the 5 packs of the Verbs for 2.69 8x- but no 25 packs of 16x for 9.99.

I forgot to add, not all of the price tags on the shelves may be up-to-date, so if you see a 25-pack of 16x Verbatim marked $34.99 or some other horrible number, take them to customer service and ask to scan the price; it should be $9.99 in their computers because this is a nationwide clearance, in stores and online. 25-packs of 16x media are available online; unfortunately, online stocks of most other Verbatim media at are already depleted.

Picked up the last 3 MCC004 16X at my CC in SC.

sold out in Hawaii

Buying mine online!!!

I picked up the last 2 4x digital movie +R her in Brookfield WI. They still had
plenty of the other verbs on closeout but these seemed to be the best deal.

Picked up two 25 pks or 16x Verbatim DVD+R @ CC for 9.99 each today.

I picked up 9 25 packs of the 16X MCC 004. Glad I did too! Check out this scan… I may pick up a few more spindles :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


@Mirage Man:

Holy Crap!! 2 PIF max & 25 PIF total? Amazing. The 14 PIE spikes and 12,335 PIE ttls is good enough … I’d rate that a 99. :slight_smile:

Btw … what speed was that burned at?

Assuming you also burned that in the LiteOn 1653, they’ve sure come a long ways. I used to borrow a friend’s 812SX, and it produced some really awful looking burns.
For the most part, the dvd’s still worked, but it’s no fun to see PIE’s in the 100’s of thousands (sometimes millions)!

Holy Crap!! 2 PIF max & 25 PIF total? Amazing. The 14 PIE spikes and 12,335 PIE ttls is good enough … I’d rate that a 99.

It was burned @ 8X on one of my NEC3500’s with L&D 2.TD FW, not the Lite-On.