Circuit City to officially close Sunday

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It’s official: Circuit City will officially close its doors on Sunday, March 8.
Many Circuit City locations have already closed after selling off their inventory, but if you’ve been in the…

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I will miss them.

Circuit City has no one to blame but themselves. The threw their money behind a dead-in-the-water divix format that flopped so badly, they couldn’t give the players and discs away. They also fired people left and right, cut their inventory to the bone in the cd section. It seems as though they did themselves in with stupid management decisions.

As for missing them, just come to Canada. We’ll still have “The Source by Circuit City”. It will just be called “The Source by Bell Canada” or something similar. They’ll still be pushing cell phones and sat tv receivers as hard as ever if not harder…

So…you won’t miss them?

Last time I was at a CC, was when Sin City was NEW on DVD, and I’m talking about the single disc, not the Special Edition.

It’s hard to say I will “miss” them… in almost every aspect CC was inferior to BB (selection, price, variety - with a few notable exceptions, customer service); what I will miss is the ocassional real gem of a deal you could get on a clearance or discontinued item or MOST IMPORTANTLY the fact that BB now has no REAL competition and NO reason to lower their prices or keep them low in the first place…

I won’t miss CC. I hope Fry’s expands and fills the gap. I want a Fry’s to open by me!

In this economy, nobody is going to do any expanding and fill any gaps. Fry’s has about 35 stores in about 10 states. Compare that to CC’s 567 stores in a lot more states. Fry’s or anybody else’s favorite regional big-box store has a long way to go to fill that gap. If you have a regional “competitor” to Best Buy or the late CC and this regional store is doing well, be thankful.
At least you probably have some choices. There are many more people than there used to be, whose only choice for some items is now Best Buy.

LOL @ Source by Bell Canada

Why can’t the government bail them out? They’re doing it for everyone else.

Ferd says: “Fry’s has about 35 stores in about 10 states. Compare that to CC’s 567 stores in a lot more states.”

I wonder how come Frys gets such good prices on things then? I never saw any really good sale prices at either CC or BB, but i am constantly seeing deals at Frys posted on the net at various sites, like Fat Wallet etc…

Yes I am sad about bell purchasing The Source’s. I mean we used to have Radio Shack and it was a place where you could buy parts and build your own electronics devices. even now The source still has a wide variety or adapters for audio/ network. I get all my guitar inputs plugs from there since the music store charges as big ass premium for them but it is sad the selections are scarse and now wth Bell they won’t even carry any more adapters. Blame this all on lazy ass people who don’t want to learn to do anything !!! :frowning:

Knowing Fry’s the way I used to know them 10 years ago, I wouldn’t be surprised if those advertised low-price items were bait-and-switch.

I bought a remote starter and a $1k car audio system for a gift for someone. They brought the car over for the installation at 10am per the appointment and it was dead in the bay at 9:30pm the third time they went to pick it up. Nothing worked properly, The Alpine Head attached to the 2 amps wouldn’t push, the Polk Speakers or the Infinity Sub no noise at all. The car wouldn’t start let alone auto start. They had no clue as to what they were doing and grumbled when I told them to take it all out and start the car.
One of the installers even said something rude about a tip within my earshot.