Circuit City to close, liquidate stores

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Circuit City, the second-largest consumer electronics chain in the U.S., will liquidate and close all of its 567 U.S. stores, court papers revealed today.The company couldn’t reach an agreement with…

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Boy I didn’t see that one comin! /sarcasm

While Circuit City certainly was not one of my favorite stores, I will surely miss them if for nothing else than the increased competitive pressure that they put on BestBuy and other stores. I said the same thing about ChumpUSA. RIP.

I used to like CompUSA, but this was in the years around Win95/98 and there was just a lot more excitement in computers and software. But CC was never a favorite of mine. I do not like Best Buy either. I use Newegg or Amazon etc. Wait till after the Super Bowl…it’s going to get crazy with electronics…

Oh and my favorite brick and mortar store has to be that crazy mixed up Fry’s :cool:

If they needed 30,000 employees for 567 U.S. stores, why only 3,000 employees for 765 Canadian stores? If everything in the U.S. shuts down but the Canadian chain survives, doesn’t that mean the northern version doesn’t use the U.S. for distribution, et al.?

Locally, I always got better service at Circuit City than I did at Best Buy. I could never find anyone to speak to at Best Buy, whereas Circuit City employees were always approachable and helpful. I guess the bad management didn’t occur at our local stores, but it wasn’t enough to save the chain nationally.

I think those numbers are probably incacurate but all the Circuit City stores here in Canada are small. CC bought the Radio Shack chain a while ago which is a lot of really small (but handy) electronics stores. Still they should have more employees with over 750 stores.

Looks like the going out of business sales start today and are to be completed by March 31.

Any advice on how to find that sweet spot between waiting for the best discount and still finding merchandise you want?

If you mean Circuit City I don’t know, but I think I will saunter over there in a bit. If you mean in general -Check the weekend before the Superbowl and then wait till after the Super Bowl!!! In the US they made the brilliant decision decades ago to tax business inventory so there will be fire sales out the kazoo from the time the Super Bowl ends and the time the buisnesses have to take inventory for good 'Ol Uncle Sam…

At least this is my strategy. Anyone else got any tips for Circuit City or upcoming deals?

Circuit City competed mostly with Best Buy. I prefered the latter but I don’t really like either for consumer electronics. They were good for evaluating products I would end up buying online. CompUSA was mediocre at best. I would often find better deals at Staples. Things were a lot more fun on Black Friday when Computer City was still in operation (bought out by CompUSA). Lots of competitive rebates. Now the best retail stores for computer parts are Fry’s and Micro Center (

I was referring more to Circuit City, but hey, I’ll take a good deal on any occasion! In this case I’m just hoping they’ll be selling some new video games on the cheap. Kind of in the mood to play Left 4 Dead.

Thank God the Canada stores will remain open. I like to build electronics devices like switches or other tools I need and Radio Shack was the best then got bought by Circuit City product carried got slashed in half!!! Now they still have some stuff but not as much.

To me it looks like Retailers don’t think people can build stuff on their own anymore!!! Anyone else agree??
Example I just received from my buddy in NZ 6 CF to Laptop ide adapters and some other stuff that here is ridiculious in price this guy is paying like 2$ for each one ( OEM sealed) from New Zealand

Thanks Shoaib!!!:bigsmile:

Anyone that thinks they will get a deal from CC going out of business sale needs to see this:

YouTube - Going-Out-of-Business Sales Not Such a Bargain

Radio Shack and Circuit City are NOTHING alike. Radio Crap is a joke of a store and sells their own brand of junk. Serious audio and videophiles avoid it like the plague. Radio Shack has been and always will be for people like the Professor on Gilligan’s Island. You know, dudes who build radios out of bubble gum and scrap metal. They don’t generally get laid a whole lot.

@ Powderhorn

Radio Shack needs only 3,000 employees because almost nobody shops at Radio Shack. Seriously, I don’t know how many times I walked past one of their stores every day after work and the place was a ghost town.

Well you may be right. I went there and they had an “up to 30% off” sale and when I got to looking- this only included a very small portion of the stock. Computers were 10% off “Already Low everyday prices” which were not that great. Having said that they had only 2 registers open and the line was snaking all over the store. It was a madhouse!!! I didn’t buy anything though as I did not want to wait in that humungous line. :frowning:

I will indeed miss Circuit City-locally they had the best “sale” deals around i.e. up to 36 months no interest on t-v’s selling for over $1,000. I never had any bad customer service issues with Circuit City. They always stood behind what they sold. I doubt Best Buy or PC Richards will ever come close to Circuit City in customer service or “sale” deals. Looks like I will have to buy my electronics on-line from now on.

Great find, and good story. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for this great find. Once again it proves what total greedy morons will fall for! (They fall victim to even MORE greedy morons)

“…They don’t generally get laid a whole lot. …”