Circuit City: TDK's 25 DVD's for $7.99 - any good?

They have 25 pack spindles on sale for $7.99. Anyone have an idea of the quality?

I have some but have not used them yet. I’ve heard so many bad things about them that I decided that these will be used for family movies to give away. I’ve since moved on to Verbatim, Fuji, and Maxell (MIJ) media.

The TDK’s are made by CMC Magnetics. Most people say stay away from them. For $7.99 I bought two packs just to find out for myself, so a couple of packs 16 bucks is no great loss.

I would not load up on them. Your better off getting some Verbatims when they go on sale!


Trashable Discs.


Totally agree-


Completely agree, unless you can luck out and find some MIJ, which would be Taiyo Yuden discs.

Yup, the Verbatims are a better bet. I just noticed this was for DVDs and not CDs!

why didn’t you buy the Staples disc last week, 50 for $7.99, same company making for TDK but you get half the price. The price is high for the quality of media you are getting. Verbatim goes onsale almost every week for $15 per 50. Just wait

It’s also been awhile since Sony DVD+Rs have gone on sale at Staples or BB. Of course, the 8x MIJ are TYs, and I’ve had great luck burning them.

The +R media was CMC and the -R is TTG02. I picked up one of each to try out. The +R was horrible and I returned them. The -R was actually very good though (Less than 2 PIF and 12 max PIE). I went back and bought 3 more spindles of them :slight_smile: YMMV

You will find out even +R ones also are not worthwhile to have.

You mean the -R? Do they degrade rapidly or something?

Both +/-R were so at lowest performance for me that I never bother to burn any long maintained data or video with them.

how about Made in Luxemburg disc?

My -R’s are TTG02. I’ve never had any trouble out of them, been using them for about 6
months. I’m on my 3rd stack. I’ve heard CC is not going carry them anymore.

The TTG02 has been giving me great results as well. I’ve tried 4 different spindles and here’s an example of a scan that was burnt at 6X. Burning at 8X on these gets pretty nasty for me though.

Yeah…I have TTG02’s. -R’s.

I read that these are better and that’s why I bought these.

Not a fan of +R’s. I do not booktype. All my -R’s play in All of my familie members players so no need to do it.

Any idea who makes the TTG02?

Here it is: