Circuit City selling a LVW-1105HC?

Digital Max Recorder

I bought this recorder on black friday and on the box it says by Lite-On. Now I’m wondering if this is the 1105HC and can I upgrade the firmware on the drive with that firmware? Also a hacked firmware wont hurt it will it?

I too purchased one, but I could not get it to crossflash…

here is a post I made on another forum (with pics from the inside ofthe unit)…

I was hoping made the codeguys would want to look at the firmware and maybe “fix” it :wink:

Is it just the type of media I’m using or wat because I tried to put a disc I finalized into my computer or DVd player and it wouldnt read it. Only the recorder itself can read the disc. I thought I could transfer files from the DVDs it records?

when I was comparing models before black friday, i saw this one and i came to the conclusion that it was a 1101. When comparing images of the 1101 and 1105, the “RW” logo on the disc tray is much darker on the 1101 than it is on the 1105.

This method was correct in identifying the recorder for sale at officemax by the fuzzy picture in the ad as an 1105hc. even though the 1105hc i picked up there has a different look (and doesn’t have the RW icon at all), it is still an 1105hc.

Just FYI, I have this CC Digital Max one, it is identical to 1101HC and I used the firmware ‘FIX’ by Mr. Wizard, it works fine.

You have to download the latest FW from (DMMBU018.DA6) and use the Mr. Wizard first, then update your unit.

I have this Digital max too. I’m confused. Do you update the unit with the regular firmware first (DMMBU018.DA6) and then update it with the firmware fix by Mr. Wizard? Or do you just go ahead and use the firmware fix by Mr. Wizard?

And how to you get the unit to recognize the digitalmax website firmware(DMMBU018.DA6) update? I’ve tried and tried and nothing happens. It recognized it as a data disk but nothing happens after that. I must have went through 5 cd’s. I probably don’t have a setting right or there’s something to do with the file name. The reason I want this update is because my player is having problems with playback. Some DVD’s it plays skip, other commerical DVD’s don’t even play at all. I have Nero and Roxio if someone can tell me in a little detail how to make it recognizable to player.

I’ve been at this for days.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Is your burning software closing the data disc for further writing? If not, give that a try to see if it will work.

If the unit is having trouble with skipping and playing some commericial DVDs, this sounds like possibly a faulty unit–or perhaps the laser is in need of cleaning.

The firmware patch being spoken of has to be applied to the downloaded firmware file, then the modified firmware has to be burned to a CD-R disc.

I finally got my Digitalmax to recognize the hacked firmware cd. You have to change the file name of the digitalmax firmware to Uppercase letters.

(DMMBU018.DA6) instead of (dmmbu018.DA6)

I don’t know why they don’t fix this on their site.

However, when I updated my unit, the Microvision is still there. I’ve tried tapping some of my VHS to DVD and I tried DVD to DVD. It still says content protected. I already know the region hack for the player and it already has LP mode. So I didn’t gain anything. How come it worked for someone else who has the same model? Is there a way to remove the MV on this model this or am I at a dead end? Should I leave it as it is or can I update it to the unhacked DMMBU018.DA6 firmware?

If there’s no hope, can someone suggest a ilo/liteon recorder model that I can buy that has a lot of success with the MV hack by Mr. Wizard? Or any other brand?