Circuit City product liquidation

Looking for some good shopping deals?

Even though many people are going to save money instead of spend extra cash on presents and what not this year, there are still deals to be had!

My local Circuit City stores honestly didn’t have anything worth purchasing, but stuff like DVDs and video games can be found for lower prices now.

I went to circuit city yesterday and couldn’t find any
deals except for blue ray dvd players for $279.00 dollars.
I am hoping if our local store closes up, you can get like
AN H.D. T.V. that cost’s $2000.00 dollars for say $200.00.
Which is what usually happens when they are just near
the time of closing the store.
P.S. he will save us from ARNIE’S tax hikes

This is not a good situation.
The quicky sell-off sale will steal sales from other stores … causing further hardship, reduce ongoing competition … and what about warranties?

zap em: No real good deals, eh? Bummer! It seems it varies by location, because all the local Circuit City locations around here seemed to have all sorts of deals on stuff.

debro: I agree that this ultimately is not a good situation for consumers. The lack of competition and lowered prices will indeed steal sales away from other companies that will also suffer due to the struggling economy.

Best Buy also unveiled it will likely suffer through this holiday season and into 2009.