Circuit city prices still no bargain

I checked out the prices at my closest circuit city location
that’s folding up. The prices however were still a lot higher
then my local WALMART,OR TARGET. I think we will have to wait
till the last two weeks when the doors close to get our prices.
Oh! my location is the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA location.:doh::doh:

Whadda ya expect? 20% to 25% off [I]LIST [/I]price on their less popular items (stuff they have lots of left)…Smells like a ‘bargain’ to me…

Yup, but there are enough dumb people out there who are still buying. I can’t believe some of the high-end items that have sold.

I will wait longer before I buy anything. Maybe 50% off might bring me into the store.

As a former manager for Circuit City (30 years ago) who has particitated in regional store closing, I can assure those of you waiting for deep discounts that it will never happen.

Don’t hold your breath.

They will simply sell remaining inventory to their competitiors as the competitior don’t want to compete with those discounted prices.

The common practice is to sell to another “Buying Group”.

Thanks for explaining.
I’ve seen this happening several times and I knew I shouldn’t expect big discounts when the stores close but I didn’t know the reason.

Here’s the text from an Email I got today from C.C. :

[B]Circuit City Store Closing Sale–ALL Locations!

Total Liquidation Prices on Absolutely Everything! Shop Now for
Best Selection!

Now 30% off!

  • Camcorders
  • Digital SLR Cameras
  • Point & Shoot Cameras–including Canon, Sony, Kodak, Nikon
    and ALL the top name brands! - CDs and DVDs
  • Digital Photo Frames
  • GPS Units & Accessories

Now 25% off!

  • Plasma TVs
  • Home Audio–including Onkyo, Denon and other top brands!
  • Software
  • Office Essentials–including printers, scanners, fax machines,
    shredders, ink cartridges & more!

Now 40% off!

  • ALL Furniture–save on our entire selection of TV, Audio
    and Office Furniture!

Nothing Held Back! Come See, Come Save!

Verizon Wireless and Alltel phones and accessories are not
included as part of the Circuit City liquidation sale. All sales
final. No refunds or exchanges. Sorry, no checks. We accept
cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. No price
adjustments on prior purchases. [/B]

Yeah!,but that’s the point. If they are closing a store and
say they are selling a 22" hdtv for $ 500.00 dollars,and you
can get the exact same T.V. at WALMART OR TARGET for
$200.00 dollars. Then it’s a no brainer where you are going
to buy.

Tv’s are a big market right now (because so many are waiting instead of buying, Christmas was bad, the super bowl was good, but sales are bad(Or are they). Pick a store, pick a tv, just randomly goggling, sears, first tv (top pic according to them), Panasonic 42" plasma, 1000 retail, your cost, 700(30% off), Normal price… Pick a store, pick a deal, cc is at just above other stores. Everyone else had 30% off. Odds are, unless you are lucky???

CALL IT SUCKER CITY] are such creeps. That even iif they are going
out of buisness. They don’t want to give the consumer a break.
Sounds like they are owned by the same owner as COMCAST cable.

This is no surprise, the creditors will not let them dump the product and their discounts on other products are not great to begin with… Not really worth it…

The closest I get to my local CC is driving by it on the way to someplace else. I don’t anticipate any change in that. :disagree:

Mine is next to Home Depot, I can’t wait till it closes as there is talk of the Home Depot expanding into the space.

spent another hour today
it just totally waste my time ( Think I they knew what I want :doh: )
I don’t wanna go again… bye bye CC :flower:

more each day learn that going out of business sales really means one more chance to stick it to the customer.

I did get a good bargain there, I got Norelco HQ8 replacement heads for $12, instead of $30 elsewhere:

There is a Circuit City closing up the street, and I stopped by to check it out. I bought some headphones, and a camera. Not because of the price, but because I needed them. I was at sears later and saw the same camera for ~$1 more. Circuit City marks the prices up and then discounts it so you really aren’t saving any money now. You can see it even when they have their regular sales.
You can hardly call them sales, more like cons.

This has been the problem with this company for a long time they try to cheat there customers and now it is putting them out of business.

The prices are the fault of the ripoff liquidators marking everything 30 percent or more from what they were when CC was selling them. They did the same crap when CompUSA went out of business. I went in to that store and things were higher then when I was there before when the store was selling at regular price.
I like the employees and real store selling stuff, liquidaters always screw over normal uneducated buyers who think just bcuase it’s a closing sale they must be getting a good deal.

Am glad that I missed the CompUSA close down, but how does the Bankrupcy Court allow that kind of crap? I also went to my local (Pasadena, CA) Circuit City store a few weeks ago and found absolutely nothing to buy at their… again INFLATED PRICES