Circuit City offers to refund HD DVD player purchases



I just posted the article Circuit City offers to refund HD DVD player purchases.

Those who bought a HD DVD player at Circuit City before Toshiba officially gave up on the format war may be able to bring back their player for a full refund as store credit. According to…

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Circuit City (DIVX) did something similar to this back around 1999 or 2000 when the DIVX format died. they sold the DIVX DVD players for $100 more than regular DVD players. When DIVX died, those who had registered and then sent in the proper application form after DIVX died received a $100 check in the mail. I don’t think that DIVX was exactly 100% owned by Circuit City, but Circuit City was just about the only place you could buy the players or the movie disks.


Wow, I counted six (6) instances of the acronym DIVX in that first message. It almost made me puke just reading it. Moving right along, I seriously doubt on-demand HD video will be any competition to Blu-ray. I think HD video files ripped from HD DVD and Blu-ray discs will be, though. People want quality, especially when it’s free. You simply can’t compare sub-quality, compressed HD with that of the same thing on/from an HD disc. Throw in all that DRM and the fact that Blu-ray discs are, with tax, almost $30 or $40. That’s just insane, folks. They don’t even have their format finalized yet. LOL. Where do I sign up? Hahahahahah. :stuck_out_tongue:


DIVX DIVX DIVX DIVX DIVX DIVX DIVX There, that’s 7. OK. I admit I overused the acronym the first time. However, the fact remains, this is not the first time that Circuit City, or some entity connected to them, has done this.


They also need to do the movies as well. If customers bought the movies and the player at nearly the same time and are only allowed to return the player for credit, what are they going to do with the movies once the player is gone? I guess use them as coasters. They should at least take those back for store credit also.


Circuit City can’t return the movies to Toshiba. They’re not financing this. They’re passing on the costs to Toshiba.


DiVX is dead? since when


And some of you laughed when I suggested this not to long ago :g


Shaolin007: When CircuitCity/DIVX (the disk, not the codec) gave the $100 refund on the players, they did not give refunds on the disks, either. Even though the customers could keep the player and still play regular DVDs, the DIVX disks were unplayable after the company went out of business.


just wondering if anyone was able to play,those damn movies again ???!!! after they went under


I got a gift certificate from a few months ago, because I had purchased a Toshiba HD DVD player from Amazon before Toshiba caved in. I think it was $100, but I’m not sure. I already spent it.