Circuit City liquidation sparks a Black Saturday

Marked-down merchandise attracts throngs to L.A.-area stores as the bankrupt electronics chain prepares to close.



yeah as i posted in 2 other threads … here they only had a wopping 10% off sale yesterday (Saturday)… many walked away with nothing.

I may stop by the local Circuit City tonight after I’m done watching football. Even though I’m going on vacation later this week, I’m still willing to buy some goodies. :slight_smile:

(I’m aware that the liquidator will likely mark up prices before reducing prices for the “sale”, but we’ll see what I find.)

Hmmm…Circuit City has an ad in today’s paper offering up to 36 month financing…Looks like a good time to take them up on it…

I went into Circuit City and they had nothing I would even consider buying. It was all old stock. The prices were way over and it was depressing.

When they sell out to the big liquidators that’s what happens, the price goes up and warranty goes away. Many stupid people will buy because they think they are getting a deal because of the store going out of business. Same thing happened when CompUSA closed here, the big boys came in, marked everything back up over retail then lowered it by about 10 percent, which most of the time was the original price or even higher then before the closeout.
Most of the good stuff was bought up before the prices really fell to bargain rates, though my frind managed to score a Blu Ray burner, probaly becuase nobody else would buy it or knew what it was, for a good price.

Its amazing that so many people fall for it (kind of sad too actually). There was a hardware store that went out of business here a while back (payless). People were walking out the door with carts full of tools (hundreds of dollars per cart). I compared prices, and home depot was cheaper on everything I checked (even after the closeout percentage off). Same with compusa. I watched several items (they were just up the street), and they always sold at the same or higher price as other stores were charging. There were a few exceptions but the hot merchandise sold quite high. I think that the store I work for (big lots) is still in business because of it. Over the past couple of years, a lot of the seasonal merchandise has doubled and tripled in price, but as soon as those early in the season percentage off sales hit, the stuff flys out the door (at much higher prices than the same stuff was a few years ago even with the discount).