Circuit City I/O Magic Rebadge of the Benq 1620 $59.99

Its only $59.99 after rebates.

$130-$30 mfr rebate-$20 circuit city rebate- $20 instatnt savings = $59.99

I/O Magic uses both Benq and BTC drives. If you are going to buy one make sure it is the Benq. You can tell by the size of the box and some of the specs.

The BENQ box is smaller and indicates CDR write speed of 40x.

The BTC box has a CDR write speed of 48x.

…and the BenQ has a DL write speed of 2.4X as the BTC is 4X. I know as I got the 2.4X IO Magic from them.

Great drive!!! Got mine for about $47 after CC matched BB’s 10% off coupon about a month ago. :slight_smile: