Circuit City Clearance on 8x-R Memorex 50pk $9.99

This is in store only.

Can be CMC MAG AE1, which burn nice for me.

this can be one of about 6 media codes. good luck in finding what you’re looking for.

The ever popular memorex for the common folks. But for the cdfreaks would say :Z

Well, these work nice for freinds & family. I use only TYG02 printables for myself. :wink:

haha they won’t be your friends for long!

(I do the same…i use the cheap media for stuff my brother asks me to do. my personal stuff only goes on the best :wink:

The difference between the cheapest stuff and the expensive stuff is not that much if you wait for sales. I only use Yudens and Verbs, avg price 30 cents a disc.

i know the prices are equivalent, but sometimes i take chances on media…ihave about 50 MAXELL002s lef tthat don’t burn very well foor me…they were supposed to be good and i can’t get any good scans out of them so the rest ar efor my brother’s projects that he makes me do haha

Don’t feel bad I have 100 MXLRG-03s and 75 Maxell002s that i will only use for backups of my data. They are okay for that, and then I will never buy them again. I bought them at Office Depot on sale for 14.99 for a 50 spindle about 6 months ago.

I got 5 spindles of 100 verbatim for $20 each, now I have too many blanks, over 1400 right now, mostly Verbs and TYs, and may be 100 of Ricoh and 60 of CMC. I only use Verbatim for friends since I only give them the good stuffs, important files and thus Verbatim only and sometimes TY. But I never give them Ricoh or CMC. I use Ricoh and CMC for myself for the Chinese Movies in series. Cant afford TY and Verbatim for those since each movie drag on forever and each movie is at least 6-7 discs long, some over 10 discs long. And I wont pay more than $0.20 cent for CMC. I got 50 discs of Staples CMC for $2.98 after the coupon. Cant resist for that price. And thus I have cheap disc in my collection