Circuit City Ad for 10/28 - Sony 25-Pack DVDs - $6.99 - PM at Staples or Sears

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The main thing to note are the Sony 25-packs for $6.99. Another chance to PM and get TYs at Staples or Sears.

PM has been successful lately, but it is still a long shot and thus YMMV

There is nothing YMMV about a PM to Circuit City at Staples, and despite some folks complaints, I’ve never had a problem PMing at Sears either.

Stop the FUD.

Hey negritude, I just got 50 TY T02s for 10 thanks to that coupon your posted in the Wallgreens/K-Mart thread, and it looks as if I’m about to get more next week!

Thanks buddy! I’ve been searching for these for a while now for my Samsung 203b.