Circuit City 25 DVDs $8 after MIR

Circuit City has Philips DVD +/- R for $8 after MIR. The +R are identified in Nero as CMC MAGE01. Are these any good?

Oh BTW these Philips Disks at Circuit City are rated at 8X

These are the same disks that Staples sells as “Teton”. Many here don’t think much of them for longevity. However, I have burned several with my NEC 3500a with Liggy’s modified firmware at 12x. I have not had any problem. My stand alone Sony DVD player attached to my Sony TV plays them all flawlessly.

Cmc has a bad reputation that they defanatlly earned with a lot of crap media so don’t expect a lot of people to like them. The 8x disks (cmcmage01 and thier - counterpart) use phillips dye which seems to be much beter. As far as the longevity, I haven’t heard of the e01 fading yet (if anyone has please post the source because I have a bunch of these and would really like to know if I cannot trust them). I think the longevity talk is more because of thier reputation with older media types, not because of performance of the new stuff.
My personal opinion is they are prety good (been using them for 3-4 months or so) and I get consistant good burns from diffrent packs and brands. Avoid any cmc that is less than 8x like the plague though.

Ripit and DallyUp,
Thanks for your insights.

can some1 post the media code for the -R
thank you

Looks like they could be CMC MAG. AE1 or FUJIFILM03. I am guessing that they are more likely to be cmc as phillips has partnered with cmc. I have a 15 pack of the phillips 8x-r that are cmcmagae1 but havent had a chance to try them yet.

CMC MAG E01, bad media, already two failed with nero!!!

With what drive and firmware?

Philips 4.7GB/120-Minute DVD+Rs (25-Pack) $7.94 after $5 rebate

Not available Online for shipping, in-store pickup only.

8x DVD+R could be CMC MAG.E01, MBIPG101R04, Philips.081, PHILIPS.C08, RICOHJPNR02

8x DVD-R could be CMC MAG. AE1, FUJIFILM03