Circuit City 10% off June 30- July 4

Good in-store, online, and over the phone.

My bad, I forgot to mention that this is good on purchases of $99 or more.

Office Depot has Maxells 8x for 17.99 for 50, you can’t beat them for quality.

Just a bump to remind people that this is good starting tomorrow.

I beg to differ after going through 6 defective 15 packs. :wink:

All depends on which Maxells you bought. If you got the Made in Japan 8x+ Maxell 002, or the Made in Japan MXLG-R03 dash they are great. If you got the dash8x Made in Taiwan Riteck G-05 they are bad media.

Well, ritekg05s can be less than stellar when compared to other burns with other media, true. It is also true that sometimes the ritekg05 line has QC problems, so the quality varies from spindle to spindle. I’ve had good results with ritekg05s in burning in both my px-716a and Pioneer DVR-108. However, due to the seeming increase in quality variability, I feel more comfortable with something like Fuji DVD+R 8x 50 pks Made in Japan that Best Buy sells (yuden000-t02-00 mid), as they nearly always give me very low PIE and PIF. Those results tend to spoil one! :stuck_out_tongue:

(edit–added) Also, some people have had very good burns with the MXL RG03s, but it depends on the burner. Oddly enough, some burn graphs have looked like genuine MXL and others look similar to a write strategy for ritekg05. :stuck_out_tongue:

can I just print it and use it? Or it came in the mail “for friends and family” only?

they laughed at me at CC with printed coupon, but honored it anyway, so I got myself 80GB WD External for like 30 bucks after MiR :bow: