CIRC error reading with no recorder in many discs DVD+R type YUDEN000-T03

Lately all disc of this type I record gave me a CIRC error when reading with the DVD reader, a NEC DV-5800C, but when reading with any DVD recorder it works fine, and reading it with a home DVD player it reads them well too.

Then, what is the problem?, I have the last firmare, and the curious is that with some disc I have no problem, but with others yes, all of them are DVD+R YUDEN000-T03. They are not fake, because give great quality, but my PC DVD reader doesn’t want to read some of them randomly.

The reader makes a sound like a ‘clac clac clac’ and return CIRC error with Nero DiscSpeed or read error in Windows Explorer.

In cover it says ‘DVD+R spec 1.3’, is that important?, why some discs of this same type works with no problem and others don’t work at all?, there is another cases like this?.

The case is curious, all disc I recorded first work with no problem, then I take a pause (some weeks of no record), and then all disc I record fails, but discs recorded before work with no problem, and new discs works well in all but computer DVD reader.