CinemaNow plans to create a Video-on-Demand consortium

I just posted the article CinemaNow plans to create a Video-on-Demand consortium.

Yesterday we reported about RealNetworks new online movie service “Starz on Demand”. Today HollywoodReporter has a story about one of their competitors, CinemaNow.

"The No. 1 item for…

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“… consumers who use broadband to illegally download movies are using up bandwidth without generating revenue…” um how i use the bandwidth i have is of no concern of his… and who says you need to make money off everything that uses bandwidth? Thats just greedy! the average consumer bandwidth is not high enough to support streaming the type of quality movies one really wants… full-screen, stereo. yada yada Consider how long it takes the average person to download a nice quality DivX or MPEG2 movie. Much longer than the film itself in most cases. I wonder what format they’d use? ASF or RM? Both are horrendous!