Cinema Craft Encoder V267 & DVD2SVCD?

Can the above CCE version be used with DVD2SVCD for doing divx/xvid’s to DVDR?

chickenman has told me that 2.67 is a beta version and to use 2.5 or 2.66 (2.66 is slower)

Yes you can but you need to use EclCCE with it. But as already said, its 20% slower than 2.50 with no quailty improvement. The 2.67.x series is still beta status, so use at own risk.

What is EclCCE ?

Originally posted by goldcoaster
What is EclCCE ?

Get it from and read the pdf file in the zip file on how to use it. Or better still, read my DVD to DVDR tutorial, it explains how to use it for these later demo versions of CCE in DVD2SVCD.