Cinema chains trying to build support for 'theatrical windows'

Cinema chains trying to build support for ‘theatrical windows’.

[newsimage][/newsimage]There has been a lot of talk this year about new video-on-demand (VOD) services offering movie-goers a chance to pay a premium in order to view new-release films in the comfort of their homes rather than in the theater.

Cinema owners are, predictably, not thrilled about this development because it will steal away revenue from their businesses, which have already suffered diminishing attendance. Now, along with the National Association of Theater Owners, they are pushing back against some of the studios who want to provide consumers with earlier access to new releases.

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I go to the movies if I think the movie is going to be awesome, some movies cannot be contained on a television screen, but with every new movie there is the risk of wasting money and no one wants to do that. Quality is always the primary factor in how much a movie will bring in, regardless of whether or not it is in the theater or any other medium.

Considering the crap that flows out of “Hollywierd” of late there is nothing worth watching at any price.
With the price of addmission to a theatre in Canada at $15.00, a small bucket of popcorn at $6.00 a small beverage at $5.00 (you don’t want to know the price of Twizzlers). A “Cheap” movie for two is $60.00 to $80.00.
And the Theatre owners wonder why they’re empty?!

I took three kids with me to a matinee of the new TRON flick in 3D (had high hopes for that film in 3D… good movie, bad 3D)… cost me $100 for movie tickets popcorn and a couple soda’s… and I brought bottled water in for myself in my coat pockets… I won’t pay for 3D content anymore… that is just there to compensate for lack of story writing IMHO… you’re right, olddancer… the cost to get into the movies and the crap that comes out just is not worth it.

Though I don’t think it is just the fault of the theater owners. I suspect the MPAA has some say and the theater can’t make any money without charging $10 for a popcorn that only cost them a few pennies to make.

I stopped going to the movies years ago, after I purchased my LCD projector. Watching a movie at home 100" inches across is good enough, especially with the comfort of home. Much cheaper in the long run. My sound system is better than any theater that I have been too. I did go see the “Lord of the Rings” because I couldn’t wait, but still enjoyed better at home, especially with the extra 45 minutes you don’t get in the theaters.