Cinema ban for mobiles in war on film pirates

I just posted the article Cinema ban for mobiles in war on film pirates.

I’ve never heard of mobile phones being an issue
with movie piracy but at the Edinburgh Scotland Film Festival, if ya bring one,
they’re gonna take them from ya at the door. The film…

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Just when you though the stupidity of the media mafia couldnt get any worse, they go and top it off with this. Guess no more 160x100 movie download for me then! :wink:

Yeah Smart move. Im sure someone is going to bring 40 cell phones to a movie inorder to get the full movie recorded. :wink:

This is absolutely ridiculous. If the music industry applied the movie industry’s logic to their own ‘case’, would they try and stop people making short recordings of their friends in a nightclub on a night out, because they are also recording the music that is being played?

bootleg DVDs and videos cost the industry £1.7bn a year worldwide. funny aint it how they always moan how much is so called lost each year but they never seem to shout about the millions in profit do they ??? get your price’s down and maybe it will be affordable to take the family to the cinema again we wish. united we stand divided we fall about three years ago a local odeon cinema dropped their prices to £1.50 per ticket and all food from the counter wasno more than £2.50 that place was packed till the hilt day and night 7 days for the duration of the price drop period it was cool. :g
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Yea thats really going to help went the people who get the movie can get it right of the reel why dont the just make sure no one can get into that room.The copys that are gotten of the reel can be dvd quality an you can even tell the difference. Also who would be dum to try to fit a movie on there cell phone.

costing movie indurstries $$$$$$$$$$$$…i am not sure how the figure was calculated; the most of those who bought pirated moives would not buy @ full price even if cheap pirated ones are are not available. i am sick of copy-right holders treating all of us as if we are criminals. perhaps we should not give them such a long term right…copy right should be expired within 30 years for movies & musics & they should also give up the original negatives/recordings to the public otherwise they are the only one benefiting not the public, then why should we protect their rights?

thats ok i’ll just use my digital camcorder insted :b:+

Some phones accept compact flash cards that hold as much as 4 gig so you would be able to get a whole movie on that, but like others have said the quality of mobile phone cameras, whilst improving all the time, isn’t good enough to record a movie in decent enough quality as to be enjoyable. I’d like to see a high definition camcorder recording, but right now most cam jobs are pretty poor!

They were ordered to do this by the head honcho, a mystical unicorn head spung around in a circular wheel of what media recording device would most likely pose a threat.:B

If the movie industry stoped putting out trash, remakes and trash, people would spend their money, but don’t blame piracy for being a major drain on the movie industry income.

I thought the one of the purposes of having a cell phone was for emergencies. What are they going to do if an emergency call comes in from the babysitter or something like that? “Excuse me, someone’s phone is ringing in the office, could everyone who had their phone confiscated please come up front so we can figure out who’s phone it is.” If you want to see my opinion of the leaders who come up with these rules, here’s an interesting cartoon: