Cinego D-1000 instant theater DLP projector with DVD player

I just posted the article Cinego D-1000 instant theater DLP projector with DVD player.

 Whilst  ambling  through the  2005 CES, you always keep your eye out for innovative products. I happened  upon this little gem of an idea and thought I would pass it on. This is  an...
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:c I want a 1080i projector.

it should have won the best spork award

another big question is the cost of lamp bulbs. The InFocus projectors I look after, well, their bulbs cost $300 to replace.

you also have to wonder how hot the dvds get when you play them in it - projectors run pretty warm

Hi, suprising they earn an award for it now. HP is selling a unit with very similar features (internal DVD, subwoofer) since November last year worldwide. It´s called the EP 9012.