Cinderella Man R1

I’ve just tried to backup Cinderella Man (R1) using DVDFab Platinum (Gold Mode) since the movie is over 2 Hrs long. Backup was smooth until the program starts to write the IFO file, then the program hangs.

My current DVDFab version is Is anyone experiencing the same?



Where did you get the movie?

The DVD release for Cinderella Man R1 is not until December 6, 2005.

Do you have a friend that works in a retail store that sold it to you early?

The newest version is try that one.

I have a friend that owns a video distributor business. He normally has all the major releases about a week before BlockBuster have them on their shelves. I guess lucky me.

The current version is still on the DVDFab web site. Is there a link where I can download



Try this Link Here. Let us know if it works.

And yes, lucky you that gets it early. :wink:

edit: I am talking about the freeware DVDFab Decrypter and I now see you have the payware version DVDFab Platinum. I would still try this one and see if it works…

I think you will have to use Express version of the Platinum Package if it is over 2 hours or use DL DVDs because Gold does not compress.

Downloaded this morning and did a backup. Works like a charm. Good Work.