CinaviaRemoval HD FAQ UPDATED 22 January



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[li]It currently only works with Blu-ray Copy/Main Movie mode, Blu-ray Ripper and BD to DVD modules but this will be expanded[/li][li]DVD support (and other new functions) will be included for the current price and for previous purchasers when they become available. To clarify, it is not included with other modules and must be purchased separately except for purchases of DVDFab All-In-One, with which it is included.[/li]
[li]It supports titles that are listed elsewhere and has the ability to support different language tracks of the same title, a future addition[/li][li]The “cleaned” audio is LPCM multichannel (including 5.1 or 7.1) format[/li][li]The “cleaned” audio stream contains no traces of the Cinavia infection[/li][li]The “cleaned” audio stream will be larger than the original in most cases[/li][li]There are no specific dates currently available for new features, but some things that were “future additions” on first release have already been added[/li][li]There is no precise schedule available for when a certain title will be added to the Supported list.[/li][li]The feature is included if a user purchases the DVDFab All-In-One (AIO) package; the 50% discount for current AIO owners has expired (10 January)[/li][li]The additional processing time required for Cinavia removal on an average Blu-ray title is about 6 minutes; this can vary up or down depending on a number of factors (length of movie, internet speed etc.)[/li][/ul]