Cinavia solution



Still waiting on DVDRanger for the cinavia solution… thats a shame…well the solution is real simple: if you have access to cable or satellite…
chances are you can subcribe to “starz”…turns out…movies from this channel(s) play movies without cinavia…
and yes mostly sony movies…

and this is a big advantage…simply obtain a DVD recorder made 2005 or older…or if you have a new DVD recorder
use sima goDVD/grex to get around
the analog copy protection known as CGMA-D…
and also if your really skillfull…you can apply the audio (cinavia free) to the cinavia infected video file
using apps like sony vegas, adobe premier, or apps that allow you to control how to sync the video you want to make
cinavia free…it may be tedious but once you get the hang of it…thing should turn out smoothly
only do this if you own the movies or personal use…and you dont wanna throw away
your PS3 or BD player you so cherish.

Hope this helps.