Cinavia Removal FAQ

Starting with DVDFab v10.0.2.6 Beta, Cinavia Removal for your DVD collection is now supported!

CinaviaRemoval HD is now two products called DVD Cinavia Removal and Blu-ray Cinavia Removal. You can buy them on the DVDFab website, but read the FAQ below first!

                         **FAQ for DVD/Blu-ray Cinavia Removal**

Q: Refresh my mind on how Cinavia works!
A: Cinavia is an audio watermark placed in the audio streams of Blu-ray and DVD movie discs by some studios. Certain players–both hardware and software—have hardware and firmware that detects the watermarked audio if they are of the proper vintage. If the player finds the watermark, certain other tests are perfomed and playback may be stopped or the audio muted. DVDFab Cinavia Removal works by replacing the infected audio stream with a repaired stream with not a single trace of the Cinavia watermark.

Q: My players have never showed the symptoms you described, do I still need to buy either Cinavia Removal module?
A: Well, possibly not right now, but your players are probably older models that will fail sooner or later. You may want to consider removing the Cinavia as you go along now instead of have to re-master a full library when you upgrade players.

Q: I already have CinaviaRemoval HD, do I need to purchase the new DVD module to work with my DVDs?
A: NO!! You are entitled to a license for the new module at no cost to you. This will be for the same license term as your license for the CinaviaRemoval HD tool.

Q: How to I get the free license if I already have CinaviaRemoval HD?
A: DVDFab will do it for you automatically when you install the new Beta! You can check it by selecting “License Info” from the dropdown. An active internet connection is required for DVDFab to verify your new license (and also to download the repair data when removing Cinavia and for many other decryption purposes).

Q: I don’t have a license for the CinaviaRemoval HD, must I purchase them both?
A: No, DVDFab maintains its flexible sales policy and you can buy only the one you want or need.

Q: Do I need to purchase Cinavia Removal DVD if I have DVD Copy or Blu-ray Copy? Is it included?
A: Sorry, it is not included and must be purchased as standalone module(s).

Q: Which DVDFab Copy modes are supported?
A: For DVDs, only DVD Copy Main Movie is supported for now. DVD Ripper and other Copy modes will be supported soon. For Blu-ray, BD Copy Main Movie, Blu-ray to DVD and Blu-ray Ripper. Note: Features like Chapter Selection, Trim, Audiocopy and Passthrough profiles are not supported.

Q: What kind of audio stream is output after Cinavia repair?
A: For DVD, it’s AC-3; for Blu-ray, LPCM in Copy, AC-3 in Blu-ray to DVD, per your settings in Ripper.

Q: How can I tell if the disc I am working on is supported for Cinavia Removal?
A: There are to ways; 1) check the title lists posted in the forum and on the DVDFab website or 2) load the disc and look at the audio stream selection dropdown. If a stream is infected, it will show the Cinavia logo; if Removal is supported, the logo will have a “\” superimposed over it.

Q: Looks like Cinavia Removal is enabled by default, how can I change this setting?
A: This can be changed in Common Settings->General->Cinavia.

Q: How many DVD titles are currently supported?
A: For the initial release, 14 DVDs are supported. New ones will be added ASAP, as they were for The Blu-ray version. The exact number can be checked in the forum lists or in the Cinavia blog on the DVDFab website.

Q: I would like to try one or both of the Cinavia Removal modules before making a purchase, is there a full-function trial mode?
A: Yes, DVDFab continues its long tradition of “try before you buy”. In the case of the Cinavia Removal modules, the trial is limited by time and title, i.e. the trial mode ends 30 days after first use and you can only use it to repair one title.

Q: I have a backup with Cinavia made with DVDFab in the past, can I remove Cinavia with the copied result?
A: Sorry, but no. For DVD Sources, only the original disc is supported; for Blu-ray Sources, the original disc or a protected-mode ISO (p-iso) can be used to produce a Cinavia-free backup.


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