Cinavia protection kicks in when using AnyDVD in the background

I just noticed this discussion over at the Slysoft forum, and by extension, at the Arcsoft forum as well.

It seems that if you are using an original disc and have AnyDVD HD running in the background, playing the disc with a licensed software player like Arcsoft TMT 5 will cause the Cinavia warning to pop up. Of course, this only happens with discs that have Cinavia in them, but it is yet another annoyance in trying to play back your original material.

My copy of TMT 5 is an early one, before the addition of Cinavia, and I refuse to update it, so I have never seen this.

Well that is why I use WinDVD pro 11 and haven’t seen that Cinavia at all or am I missing something???

Cinavia is triggered by the absence of AACS encryption keys.

All commercial software players designed to play blu ray either have Cinavia detection at this point, or will have it soon. (DVDFab Player excepted) WinDVD 11 is one that I don’t know about yet. It is the last one, in fact, that I haven’t seen confirmation on.

If you are using WinDVD Pro 11, and have AnyDVD HD running in the background, and you have not experienced a Cinavia shutdown of the audio, then either one of two things is going on. Either your version of WinDVD doesn’t have the Cinavia detection yet, or you simply haven’t played a blu ray with Cinavia on it while running AnyDVD HD in the background.

If you are playing the original discs in WinDVD 11 without AnyDVD HD running, you’ll never see the Cinavia message.

But some people need to run AnyDVD HD while playing blu ray movies, to get around region restrictions or to get around HDCP.

That’s another worrying development indeed. :iagree:

Yet another annoying restriction. :rolleyes:


The current beta of AnyDVD disables cinavia detection of Arcsoft TMT and PowerDVD. :bigsmile: