Cinavia message embedded in movies I purchased

This is a question I really hope my Forum members can help me with. I purchased Philips BD/DVD Combo Player only from Wal-Mart around Christmas 2018 because my DVD player died. I have a bunch of the Tyler Perry movies and plays so I decided to have a Tyler Perry marathon yesterday (Sunday 6/10/19) and ran into a problem. A message popped up:
Audio outputs temporarily muted. Do not adjust the playback volume. The content being played is protected by Cinavia™ and is not authorized for playback on this device. For more information, Message Code 3.” Typical front panel message:“Cinavia™ playback restriction (3)”
I went to the website and found out about Cinavia.
I’m confused because the two movies had been purchased from Wal-Mart and these were not bootlegged copies. I was not attempting to copy them because the device is a player not player/recorder- - I was watching the movie. So can anyone help me understand why I lost the sound on those two movies? I appreciate any info at this point. Thank you in advance!!
Sincerely grateful, Salsita

How do you have the player connected to the TV? Are you using an HDMI cable? Or are you using composite or component cables?

For Blu Ray, you’ll need to use HDMI.

Good morning Kerry56! Thank you for responding and yes I do have it connected to my TV with an HDMI cable. I’ve had no problem with any of my other DVD’s that I have watched using that BD/DVD combo player until the two from Sunday. Any suggestions on what to do?

Did you check if there’s a firmware update available for your BD player?

A firmware update might help, as Oinker pointed out.

If you are watching DVD’s, not Blu Ray, it is still fairly rare to run into Cinavia. If the discs are Blu ray, its more common, but should not be stopping playback on authentic discs with a Blu-ray player.

There isn’t much else you can do to make it work, when this type of error occurs. It is missing some type of authentication between the disc and player. Using HDMI makes certain that you are using a “protected path”, so that shouldn’t be the issue either. If you have a different HDMI port on the TV, you could try that.

Many of us make copies in MKV format for the main movie, then play from a computer or streaming device. This will bypass Cinavia, since the players in computers (like VLC or Media Player Classic-BE) don’t enforce Cinavia. Streaming devices also ignore Cinavia. To do this, you would need a Blu ray drive in your computer and a free program called MakeMKV. If you are only working with DVD’s, then a DVD drive in the computer and that program would suffice.

As others have stated the disc should play if it is an original purchased disc. If you have other Cinavia protected discs that work then that pretty much eliminates your hardware if your player has been updated to the latest firmware.

If you have tried everything and it still doesn’t work you might look at the alternatives for defeating Cinavia. Here is a link that talks about three approaches I have used CinEX HD and CloneBD/Anydvd HD and I can not in good faith recommend CinEX HD. Basically the way that CinEX seems to work is by replacing the sound track with one that is not protected with Cinavia. So CinEX only has certain movies that are supported. I have not personally used DVDFab but others seem to swear by it.

You could also try different HDMI cables, I once had an issue where one HDMI cable wouldn’t work with a certain device, but perfectly fine with another. With modern devices certain versions of HDMI and HDCP have to be supported, so you never know.

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The HDMI cable thing is a good call so check it with a known Cinavia disc, if you’ve got one, to see if it works.

If it’s just a single disc then Cinavia can be triggered by small scratches or even invisible dirt on the disc as the detection routines are overly sensitive and think that the disc isn’t an original.

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