Cinavia for DVDs



Hi, just joined this and l really don’t know much about how this works other then l bought DVDFab program and had no problem until l bought a Blu-Ray player that can also play stander DVDs and then the problem started. Most of my movies are stander DVDs and now after about 20 mins of play this pops up on mute. Cinavia has stop this sound and want to know if l can do anything to fix this or do l need to invest more money in buying a Blu-Ray burner. Any help would be appreciated.



DVDFab has a solution for some Blu-ray movies, to remove Cinavia. But as far as I am aware, they haven’t extended that to DVD’s yet.

With the present solution, you’d need to start with an original Blu-ray disc from the studio, then use the DVDFab Cinavia removal module in combination with their Blu-ray Copy or Ripper sections. The output from these would be a Blu-ray movie, or a movie file, like an MP4 or MKV.

If most of your movies are now in DVD format, I’d stick to using a DVD player for them, since a DVD player will not have Cinavia detection.

Another solution, which is proving very popular, is to use a media streaming box, like a WD TV Live or a Roku, and play from them. I normally use MKV files in my WD TV Live.


Removal for DVDs will be added.


I figured as much that stander dvds were not a priority. Well one good thing came out of this. l kept my old standerd dvd player so guess l will rehook it up again. I will put hook it up above the blu-ray player so that l can still watch store bought blu-ray and watch all stander dvds l backed up on dvdfab.


Sounds like a good solution for the present.


It’s a fool proof method as well as standalone DVD players aren’t capable of supporting Cinavia.