Cinavia broken by DFX audio enhancer

Hi folks. I just discovered something interesting, now I remember back in my days
experimenting with Youtube, to see what I can & cannot get away with…
now I used to use a program named DFX Audio Enhancer, which is an old app I used to use
I used to upload music videos…and youtube classified them as (blocked worldwide)
…now I realised…when I re-encoded the video using audio from DFX…
when I turned on DFX’s 3D audio surround sound, for some reason, youtube did not block the
video at all. I was like “wow…there content identification system isnt perfect” shocker
however after a few days, the videos in question were taken down by the copyright.
now this was years ago, currently, I stumbled across the DFX installer
I had archived on my backup hdd…and then I started
remembering the cinavia commotion,“this couldnt possibly work”…and guess what…
it does…as easy as that…now I tested this on error code 1 and it did not trigger the
message at all over 30 minutes, (the message is suppost to trigger in 20 seconds)
in order for this to work: now in order to replicate these results, you will need DFX
version 9 using Screen Recorder and use the windows media player for DFX
(the newer versions of DFX seem to process in output mode…
which does not allow it to be copied)
set the audio presets from 1-5 set choose (headset)
for all presets: to 5…(not sure if 3D surround is even needed)
and (btw…the audio is very acceptable for the win)
the audio can be customized for best results…however cinavia could get triggered.
hope this gets looked at. Another thing I noticed is, cinavia is very vulnerable
when recording
from audio to MICROPHONE, it can easily lose its momentum.

Best Regards.