Cinavia Blu-ray copy protection is broken

We’ve just posted the following news: Cinavia Blu-ray copy protection is broken[newsimage][/newsimage]

Several sources have confirmed to us that the current Cinavia Blu-ray copy protection is broken.

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There’s a pretty massive issue with “randomly changing the speed of the audio”, which is that the audio will no longer correctly synch with the video.

A big thank you to all involved, I will look forward to being able to remove the very noticeable spoiler. I can tell it’s there because I’m using near the state of the art blu ray player and surround systems.
I don’t actually bother to back up blu ray discs any more because it’s too long winded, expensive and why bother as the discs are much tougher than DVDs. Being clumsy, I must back up CDs and DVDs because I drop and damage them, I’ve never managed to ruin a Blu ray yet.
I’m also pleased for you Guys with Kids that use discs as Frisbees or whatever and you need to back up your not inexpensive blu rays. It’s a shame that it re opens the doors for the pirates, but I bet if the discs were a lot cheaper, who would really bother to pirate them in large quantities.
I really do hope this is it and the likes of the companies that invent and implement this annoying crap will finally realise that DRM actually causes more problems than it solves.

Kudos to Cienoway on making it work. I look forward to functional software in the near future. I have no desire to Pirate the Leagaly Purchased Disks in my collection but neither do I have the desire to wade through 2 hours of crap Trailers at the beginning of each disk. I like many people have started to archive my disks to a single Hard Drive.
Hard to lose or damage a disk
Easily found in Alphabetical order in the directory
Near instant loading via my Media Player
It’s like when we had a choice of purchasing music on Vinyl or Cassette (yes I’m that old). Those of us that were smart bought Vinyl and dubbed what we wanted to on cassette. Saved both the expensive original albums and our nerves f/fwing through the unwanted tracks.

I suggest you PM Cienoway & download the sample .mp3 that has had his process done to it.
It is a mono .mp3 file .
I could hear some problems .
I applaud Cienoway for his efforts & I hope he can improve the quality.
I would like to download at least a stereo sample.
I would also like to not hear any "pops’ or “clicks” at the “cut” places.
I could also hear the “speed up” where the cuts were made.

Since there was no video with the sample I don’t know if there is a sync problem.
I suspect there will be.

It probably WO 't be the end of Cinivia. Just because a DRM scheme is broken, doesn’t mean the studios will be smart enough to not use them. You’d probably be surprised how many DVD’s still use analogue protection (even DVD Decryptor is capable of breaking this protection).

I have to agree with Cholla, it’s a good effort, but hardly ‘Broken’ as the audio is still difficult to listen to