Cinavia beaten with open-source software VirtualDubMod and Audacity

We’ve just posted the following news: Cinavia beaten with open-source software VirtualDubMod and Audacity[newsimage][/newsimage]

Myce user Macrovision3500 today posted a solution to remove the Cinavia watermark from Blu-ray movies using Audacity and VirtualDubMod.

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That story has some fishy stories in there to start with…like

Cienoway, who mysteriously appeared and disappeared. It’s unclear if his method will ever be published or will be sold to any interested software company.

best known Cinavia beating software is probably DVD-Ranger
This is even more fishier since the poster has been dismissive and unresponsive in their replies in the past.

And these two others I have yet to hear complaints from their bypass isn’t working or people complaining about those two…

Slysoft and DVDFab have solutions to bypass Cinavia


Also pirates will start to encounter Cinavia more and more as it’s also designed to stop illegal movie sharing

If you can make it then can break it…that’s not rocket science to figure that one out they will break it…

Nothing has been “beaten” or broken. Converting audio to low quality MP3 is not a solution and never will be.

I concur with CDAN. Presently, there is no solution to the Cinavia protection.