Cinavia affect BDR-DL copies?

So I don’t want my toddler wrecking original kiddy movies etc.

When I copy to a BD-R DL disc, just straight 1:1 copy using IMG burn to read and then write the image, will cinavia still kick in and mute audio on my backup?

Spent too much time googling with no answer. Seems most people are ripping and converting etc. Not many people actually backing up onto their expensive DL BD-R like me and thus I can’t find an answer.

It’s not the media that makes the difference it’s what you play it back on.

The Cinavia signal will remain present unless it’s removed and in fact it’s particularly robust even surviving all sorts of conversions/transformations.

It’s your player that detects and reacts to the Cinavia watermark so if you play it back on a device (or software player) that supports Cinavia then you’ll get the warnings.

By way of example, if you convert a Blu-ray movie to DVD and play it in a stand alone DVD player Cinavia won’t be triggered as DVD players aren’t capable of supporting Cinavia. If you take the same DVD though and play it in a Blu-ray player that supports Cinavia then it’ll be triggered.



So, yes, it will affect a 1:1 copy, too.

To avoid triggering a Cinavia lockout, the player needs to see the presence of the correct AACS key, which will never get copied over by any means of duplication from a consumer disc. This is why people have gone after stripping out the Cinavia signal instead.

I see. Reminds me of the old playstation lib crypt protection. Let’s you get half way through a game then does it’s check and makes things freeze or other weird things depending on the game.

So correct AACS key is the only way to do it. You’d think if there’s a way for a generic player to read this AACS key and validate the disc, then a consumer writer could also copy the key if it did a true 1:1 copy. Obviously this isn’t possible though (yet?).

No, not possible. There are a couple of solutions available that give reasonably good sound however. DVDFab has a Cinavia module you can add to their Blu-ray Copy or Ripper sections.

And there’s CinEx HD also.

So far I’m less impressed with the CloneBD/AnyDVD HD combination. I’m currently working on a comparison of the three.

But my advice hasn’t changed on the subject. Invest in a streaming media box that ignores the Cinavia trigger.

I currently use plex through the smart TV which works fairly good. Guess I just have to rip my discs and convert them to a less ridiculous size and then go through plex. Probably better than backing up to BD-R anyways.

One last quicky - Is cinavia also on TV show Blu Ray discs? Seeing as some episodes go for around 25 minutes, I wonder cinavia would work fast enough to affect it?

I haven’t heard of Cinavia on a TV series disc. Doesn’t mean that it won’t happen at some point. The Cinavia signal is detected almost immediately. The muting of the sound is deliberately delayed for twenty minutes, to insure there are no false positives. So they way they have it set up, it would be less effective on short episodes, but still annoying.