CIBOX Graveur DVD 8X == BTC DRW 1108IM?

Does anybody know the CIBOX Graveur DVD 8X? -> Looks like a BTC DRW 1108IM for me. Are the Firmwares compatible?

It’s a BTC DRW1008IM not a 1108. It can burn DVD-R only at 4X. I’ve a BTC 1008 and lot of problem of media compatibilty with it. I’m going to buy a Plextor or a Pioneer next week.

Paris, France

So better not buying a BTC? At the moment I don’t know which product I should buy since there seems to be always at least one user who has a problem with a specific model.

I saw that the Plextor is a Rolls Royce …

But as Rolls Royce too, they have not always the most reliable products.

Hello all

i just bought a cibox 8x8 (50€)

On it it is write 1108IM
is it a btc 1008IM or a btc 1008IM?
How can I guess that…???