CIA Official: Hackers Are Too Fast



I just posted the article CIA Official: Hackers Are Too Fast.

Yep the old game of cat and mouse…

The CIA cannot predict computer attacks on U.S. systems before they happen, as the agency is expected to do with political and military events, a top CIA…

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As I have mentioned on many occasions the hackers are more skilled than the Central Intelligence Agency(for peeps who didn;t know what CIA stands for) They can never keep up the hackers they are dealing with could put the CIA computer out of commision and wipe all their records. They are plain stupid to think they can take on peeps more intelligen than themselves. Why don’t they just concetrate on the drug dealers, and the rapists. They are doing far more damage. They are destroying peeps lives. Woopee do when we make a backup of a cd we are hardly going to put the company out of business overnight, they all for a certain amount of losses due to piracy as they so call it. If they produced quality instead of rushing the games out full of bugs maby they would sell more. Both the CIA and the software companies need to concentrate on more imortatant issues at hand. They are all fools too themselves living in a fantasy world, for gods sake peeps get real, and sort yerselfs out ok. :4


sorry for the typos me on sleeping pills and they are kicking in big time LOl @ myself :7


Interceptor, did you type that at 2 in the morning or something ? And of course they can’t keep up - the best hackers don’t work for these crazy companies.


They won’t call themselves Hackers if you can avoid them, hehehe!


It’s not all their fault. They have a limited budget. They do recruit from college campuses but they can’t pay as much as corporations. But some computer specialists think that the CIA provides good job security (no pun intended), especially with dot.coms closing everywhere. “CIA” also looks good on a resume. The CIA is not concerned with piracy unless it involves foreign governments or terrorist organizations. They try to track down hackers but there are too many. The primary problem is poor security in software which they can’t do anything about. In fact, you should thank them for the DVD rip revolution since they supported the 40 bit encryption limit which allowed it to be cracked so easily.