Chronicles of Riddick PC game

Wow, I thought it would be quite a while before another game that was as difficult to run as doom 3 came out. But no, you need a friggin’ supercomputer for this. For me it’s almost unplayable with pixel shader 1.1 at 640x480 with medium textures. It runs worse at that than doom 3 does at 800x600 and medium/low textures.

My computer is only slightly above the minimum though, 1.6 ghz duron @ 1.8, 512 mb of ram, geforce 4 ti4200. Oh well, looks like I’ll have to live with 15 fps and horrible textures/resolution or wait until I can upgrade some.

damn i just got this game and it flies but thats coz i got a 3.4Ghz HT
and my video card is ATI EAX700 GDDR3 memory hehehehe this game is the shit.

I’d say Riddick is extremely configurable, it runs mostly great on my xp2100 with ATi9500Pro. Your vidcard needs better DX compability Mangykid! :iagree:

Yeah, the Radeon 9000 pro I have would probably work better for this game, I could use pixel shader 1.5 or whatever it was and it’s 128 megs instead of 64 like my gf4. Too lazy to switch it for one game though, plus the radeon is ass for stuff like UT2004 and it’s a pain to overclock.

little tip for doom 3 as you mentioned it being hard to run, if you go to the base installation directory and extract the *.pk4 files using winzip or winrar, it will run faster, however it will take up more space but that shouldn’t be a problem if you have a hugh hard drive.

i have a x700 pci express
and i p4 3.6 and i can play only to 800x600
for me this game is a BIG crap! :a

game runs fine on xbox, maybe theres a bug in the pc version sort of like GTA3 when it came out (and in fact to this day)

to nymac11 :

yes, this game is shxt. my supercomputer isn’t running it - sbzengine.exe error.

putting a game on the market that doesn’t run is inexcusable. you want games that run look at bethesda softworks.

Welcome to 2006!