Chronicle Burning Problem, Please Help



It happen to me many time now.
Here is the problem.

Format my hard drive, install news OS (windows xp) and Nero.
The burning of CD was perfect and verification DATA was fine too.
Then couple mount later, when i burned DATA CD and then verified the DATA It is always fail at the same bloc (764 et 766). If it was compressed file, uncompress it will give CRC error (the file is correupted).

I have try many thing but it doesn’t work: reinstall Nero, repaire windows.
The only thing seem to work is to format C: and reinstall new OS.
And this problem is independent to windows version and Nero Version and the CD quality or brand.

The weird thing is, if i am using other program like alchool 120% it works.
I make iso file and then burn it with alchool.

Any suggestion?


Multiple burn applications can cause problem with some setup.


So what do you suggest?


Since you are a PRO at reloading Windows, I would take this approach. Start out with a clean copy of windows and your most widely used burn application. Don’t add any other burn application. Use it for a few months.


you are so wise! How couldnt i think about that before.
just kidding
Thank for helping me


Nay thing else???


Where is the problem when you know that it works with Alcohol?

Nero has several bugs…