Chrome will block all ads on websites with some harmful or misleading advertisements

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Chrome will start to block all advertisements on websites that frequently show harmful or misleading advertisements to visitors. Last year the search giant announced it would protect Chrome users against so-called “abusive experiences” such as phishing sites, unwanted popups, fake messages and redirects.

I call this my personal hosts edit that blocks those sites without the Browser having to do that work.

I use a real ad blocker (uBlock Origin). Problem solved.

I use a hosts file.
I also use uBlock origin with all filters disabled except “My Filters”.
The “My Filters” has all my hosts file entries in it.
I do this for all my browsers.
I sometimes need to disable the hosts file to make some site work.
uBlock done the way I do it allows a temporary allow of a web site.
Many times on a page per page basis.
This can show me a web page I need to allow or not on a permanent basis.