Chrome and Firefox block KickAssTorrents for alledged phising



We’ve just posted the following news: Chrome and Firefox block KickAssTorrents for alledged phising[newsimage][/newsimage]

Both Chrome and Firefox currently block the popular illegal torrent site KickAssTorrents.

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Hot Asian dates etc, a casino popup, but nothing malicious turned up on my quick visit containing two searches just now. That is of course NOT to say there isn’t malicious code present, it can be hooked to a particularly popular search unknown to me…

I do however not take these warnings particularly serious personally. Several legit PE/PE+ security related sites have these warnings. I wonder why reversing and analyzing has to be considered malicious when it is mostly legitimate work done using the tools. Oh well that’s where its at.

If you are at all connected to internet, back up your computer at scheduled intervals to the extent the actual loss of data is bearable and the time it takes to restore is acceptable. Whatever happened between your last backup and the infection is best considered lost, use that as the scale for how often you need to backup.
Learn that and a possible infection will cause you annoyance only.


It’s very clear what the problem is with kickass according to tf. It was the link wrapper they used to process external links. They removed it and notified Google.


And here I was about to say the only malwares on this site are the supposed crackers, keygens, etc. that can be downloaded over BitTorrent. But from the comments, especially Ch3vr0n’s comment, it seems that isn’t the case.