Chrome 7 Beta now available, many changes still to come



Chrome 7 Beta now available, many changes still to come.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Google has moved the latest version of their browser, Chrome 7, from their dev channel to Beta, but users aren’t noticing many apparent changes just yet.

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Well til it release for final beta is beta…unless one wants to be the guinea pig for beta problem as well beside the beta testers…


“Beta” is a relative term. Some beta releases are more stable then other companies’ final releases with service packs.


At least it wasn’t a “silent installer” like all the other betas…


Chrome 7 Beta does, however, have a few noteworthy features. The main search bar has incorporated Google Instant results for faster searches, while Mac users have been treated to a new expose view of all open tabs with a simple three-finger swipe gesture on a MacBook touchpad…