Christmas Trees ~ lets see yours

So i’m trying to get in the holiday spirit this year since last year wasn’t so great…i’ve already got up one of my trees i have called it Diva Tree :wink:

It’s still November!! Christmas is not allowed until December :wink:

Baaah Humbug, Scrooge Scrooge… :stuck_out_tongue:

my family has always started putting up decorations the week of Thanksgiving…but now i do decorate every room in my house…from the bathrooms bed rooms and kitchen…:wink:

sexysoutherner: That the most beyutiful tree ive’ seen on dis page.

IT"S NOVEMBER! Stop herassing me with your Hallmark enchantments!

lol. Yup down with christmas. Just a money making scheme tbh. :stuck_out_tongue:

My Mrs. does the same thing

No Christmas trees for me just yet.

In my tiny little living room (9ft x 15ft), I’ll have to work hard to find a place for even a little tree. :eek:

nice one Sexy_Southerner I am not Christian so i am continue looking of your Christmas tree’s

That penguin table cloth is cute…

yeah had to throw that one in…when i saw it had the blue color i wanted and penguins too …it was all on it!

@jm1647 who knows i might be your MRS :wink:

hee hee see you need to move out …get a big house and then decorate every room :wink: another perk of living by yourself…you can decorate it how ya want it :wink:

Hehe, I do need to move, you’re right :iagree: - this place is just too small for all my junk!

I live alone already though, but the living room is really small. But hey, my kitchen is huge :bigsmile:

And you’re right, it’s nice to be able to decorate how you want! :iagree:

If the butt that was in the av you were using awhile ago, you ain’t her :slight_smile:

And so far I can’t get her within 5 feet of a keyboard. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing tho :bigsmile:

lol… i can barely see the tree

What has Christianity got to do with Santa Klaus?

Christianity has to do with the birth of Jesus … near this time of year … if you don’t mind a 16% error tolerance.

Christmas is based on a pagan festival. Jesus was born in October.

And so the custom continues … err … am I confusing this with foreplay?

Hmm … perhaps everyone would like to know why the christmas fairy sits on top of the christmas tree … oh wait!
Mr B has already told everyone :wink:

hehe…we don’t celebrate christmas, hence no tree…

Sexy_Southerner, there’s no need for a christmas tree at your place. isn’t there always one there…u? :wink:

awwww vdk where are you at when i need my ego stroked??? your just awesome my lil aussie friend :kiss:

May need to convince folks to buy those Pre-Lit Martha Stewart trees at Kmart…