~~Christmas Plans~~

So what are your plans for Christmas this year?

Staying at home with your family?

Going to visit your parents? in-laws?

Avoiding all human contact what-so-ever?

Personally, I’m going to spend a few days with my mom…its really been hard this year…and on Christmas Day we are going to visit my brother and his family and spend time with his kids after they open presents…

Yo S_S-

Sounds quite enjoyable-eh!

Last year, I nicked off to China & Japan with the Girlfriend.

This year, I’ll be visiting my parents for a few days, then dragging them 800KM’s north to a rival city (of my home city) to visit other relatives that I haven’t seen for 1/2 of a decade, where we will whip them until they take us to the best places we can indulge in great food, music, entertainment, carnival rides & etc.

Gee, it’s a great thing having family everywhere … you can mooch off them for a few days in the name of socialising :wink:

so when ya gonna ditch the OZ trips and come to america and visit with ya sister??? :bigsmile:

Going away for the week actually to relax at the Pocono’s… (getaway resort in PA) for those arent familiar with it

Will hopefully catch up on sleep

Well it’s a couple of days with the family and then it’s a week of steep and deep Heli-Skiing.

:cool: :cool:

I have one of my close friends over from the UK for the whole Christmas period - she got here last night.
We’re going to do all the tourist stuff - Niagara falls and Christmas lights today, downotwn Toronto; CN tower, outdoor iceskating, shopping tomorrow, etc etc. Plus will find time for movies, good food, lots of drinking and may even get north out of the city if it ever starts to snow here …

Should be fun :iagree:

Going to drive up to my brother in laws new mill in kopies (dont know why its called that because its as flat as Holland).other sister took my 2 sons on the train last week .I will be driving 10 hours straight my 21 year old hasent got his learners yet.
Comming back sometime next year ,when my boys get tired of this 1 horse town WE will drive to Sun City .Biggest casino development in Africa .

Familyday,gf´s sisters and brothers with families and of course(hiphip fuc*g hooray)mother inlaw are going to stay here over the day ,christmas dinner and the usual stuff.Actually I really like this holiday alot and I´m looking forward to spend it with my nearest.Most likely I will have a “stänkare” at the end of the evening and sit down and think of all the one´s that can´t join us for various reasons…

GOD JUL allihop!

Staying home, having all the kids/grandkids over for Christmas morning. Cooking coconut french toast and bacon for breakfast. Later in the day the rest of the family will show up, including my son-in-laws parents who are from mexico, and speak no english at all (and I only speak a little bit of spanish). We are cooking 1/2 american food, and 1/2 ethnic mexican dishes. It should be a blast. :clap:

Picked my daughter up so she could have Christmas here with me and the wife and just hang out with her (trying to get her used to making back-up dvd’s she’ll be 13 on the 29th). Watching her open presents is quite fun and her birthday is in a few days. My father-in-law lives with us he’s 80 and mom-in-law is coming over she’s 78.

oh no another December baby!! I totally know how she feels…
i bet at 13 she knows just as much as you do about burning dvd’s and cds…:wink: glad shes there with you for the holidays…enjoy!

She’s quite spoiled year round so she’s not to mad about her birthday :o She’s a straight “A” student so she gets a lot from us. Here’s a pic of her. She’s the one with yellow clams on and white shirt second from right > http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1638028&postcount=158 i did not want a dog at this time but she just had to have her.

working offshore, i don’t get home untill the 28th :frowning:

The in-laws are coming up today and we’ll visit other family tomorrow and then head to my parents later Christmas day.

Have fun, stay safe and don’t forget the reason for the season. :smiley: