Christina Aguilera and Liteon are members of the undead... I have proof

Ok, so on Sunday I was trying to rip and burn a Christina Aguilera CD.
I ripped the CD to the HD ok, then disaster struck when the blank media got totally jammed in the LiteOn drive.
Emergency eject totally screwed too… big time jammed up.
This evening I decided to take apart computer and get out the Litey - CD not coming out at all so I decided the drive was dead.
For the sake of completeness I was determined to get the effin CD out - much swearing, hitting with objects, stabbing with screwdrivers followed. Eventually CD came out - with holes in. CD drive tray took a beating and also has holes in.

For some reason I decided to put dead drive back in pc… However… IT LIVES!!!

I just tried it out and have burned the Christina Aguilera CD :eek:
I’m playing it now. That should not be possible after what the drive has been through :eek:

Either or both Christina Aguilera or LiteOn are undead zombie creatures :eek:
I don’t think it’s the LiteOn :disagree:

Hahahaha, that rocks :bigsmile:

But…with holes in??? Did you take pics, this I gotta see :iagree:

Yup… I stabbed it good with the screwdriver :bigsmile:
I can’t believe it’s not dead…

Holywater may be the next step…

That is brilliant, nice one :bigsmile: :clap:

If the working Christina Aguilera copy is on the CD with holes in it, then it’s certain proof of your PC turning into Undead City.

BTW I thought Christina was a [I]vamp[/I], not a [I]zombie[/I]?!

If your PC is now an undead area, perhaps it’s better to keep the lite on… :smiley:

I think I would have paid to see a video of you trying to take the drive apart. Though we probably would have had to bleep out some of the audio. :slight_smile:

We want pictures!

What are you doing listening to Christina Aguilera in the first place? :o

@ MegaDETH - good point… In my defence, somebody else did buy it for me :iagree:

Ok, that’s not much of a defence…

I’ll have to try take some pictures of the evil drive, although it would have been better when it was in pieces (and I have no intention of doing a historical re-enactment) :bigsmile:
I do have every intention of buying a new drive though, as I don’t quite trust this one anymore.

you got your CD out…and…the drive still works…i’m sure the holes will provide much needed cooling :wink: who knows you may have stumbled on to greatness

Of the Cd,burner or C A???:bigsmile:

Knowing Honeybuns, I’d say a lot of bleeping would have been in order :bigsmile:

hahaha :doh: I see a lot of myself in that comment

Same here :o…whoops, there goes the halo :doh:

Here you go you Alte Schwede…

LOL! :o

I thought I was pretty good on this forum… in person, I’m much worse… (that means you are right about the amount of bleeping :iagree: )

hahaha just shows you are no different than most of us :smiley:

Yeah, don’t worry, it takes one to know one, right? :wink:

distracted look

What was you saying? I didnt pay attention to anything below deans post.

Pictures of the evil drive and offending disk that caused the jamming up problem.
They haven’t come out very well…
Nice scratched up CD though (done with a screwdriver while still inside drive, with covering taken off, held upside down and after bashing on desk numerous times).
The puncture hole in the drive tray is at the front, but doesn’t look too bad in the pic. In reality I can put my finger through it LOL!