Christianity = no meat?

has anyone ever heard of christianity in singapore and philippine that disallow followers from eating pork, but allow comsumption of fish and beef insted?

i’ve never heard of it though, i need to invistigates something hums x-file music :slight_smile:

thanks for the help.

In fact, all people should only be allowed to eat Soylent Green. It’s the food of the future!

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All christianity forbids eating pork - by the old testament.
The Jewish don’t recognise the new testament (and hence jesus) and hence do not eat pork, even today.

Christian religions (aka those that recognise the new testament & Jesus) override the old testament and abide by the new testament which does not explicitly forbid anyone from eating pig meat.

Pigs are, biologically, very closely related to Humans & in ancient times they were not kept in hygienic conditions and there were no means to check whether pig meat was fit for consumption. Parasites & diseases which pigs have are generally communicable to humans.

You will also find that you cannot eat creatures from the sea which don’t have scales.
Scaleless creatures tend to absorb mercury, which causes very nasty problems in humans. There’s possibly other reasons.

So basically the new testament is the old testament revised. Or testament 2.0 ?

That’s what it said on the cover!

Nah, after all the sacrificing cows & stoning of the whores that was required by god in the first testament, they realised that they were running out of whores & cows. So they plucked out Jesus, crucified him & wrote a new set of rules which basically said … do whatever you want. Jesus will take the blame.

How can anyone live without pork ribs

That’s why i’m an atheist. I don’t have to ask anyone what i can eat :cool:

I’m starting to like Jesus. No matter what i do, he will take the blame. I could run for President!

kinda makes the whole phrase The devil made me do it…useless

I actually like Jesus and his message. In his time he was a true rebel. It’s only his hypocritical followers that I have always had a problem with. (Including those who have censored, rewritten, and altered the new testament.)

I always heard that originally Catholics forbade all meat except fish during Lent. Now that’s down to only the Fridays during Lent. And presently when St. Patrick’s day falls on a Friday during Lent they even allow you to eat corned beef and cabbage. I guess the latest Catholic message should be “Jesus sacrificed so you don’t have to.”

We should make Jesus a Saint!

It still is forbidden in the new testament to eat Pork, and all scavengers. Some people just misunderstood or taught one scripture ( maybe two ) wrong, and ran with it so they could eat anything. It’s still not safe to eat food that is not to be received. All are scavengers that filter the earth of pollution so there realy is no arguing the health benefits of not eating these foods. Unless of course you like pollution in your body, or your starving to death.

It’s a sin against the body, not your soul so by the scriptures it won’t condem you to Hell. It’s so you can live a healthy and happy life while your in the flesh ( a guide if you will to healthy living). You won’t be running for the toilet as much that’s for sure, and your chances of not getting cancer is alot better especially in this day an age. Of course there wasn’t all these chemicals we eat and drink nowadays back then. So even if we do abide by those health laws it does probally little good when were woofin down a cola or something with funky ingredients in it.

The devil … err … Jesus … made me do it :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, there was actually a study about 2 years ago released in the U.S. that said eating pork is tantamount to putting jet fuel in your car: you can do it, but it will eventually kill the engine. Also, comparing digestion times for the pig and cow, the pig needs only 3 hours to digest its food, whereas a cow needs 24; the toxins the pig gets go directly to the meat and fat, although any toxins the cow receives are eliminated by doing its business in the pasture.

As for all Christianity, only the “Christianity” that strictly adheres to the Bible forbids pork and other scavengers being consumed, as most “traditional Chrisitianity” does not. For example, I’ve yet to find a Baptist, Methodist, or other Protestant denomination attached to “traditional Christianity” that eschews pork. I’ve only seen Jews or anyone connected with the ancient 12 tribes of Israel that follow this (the Turks are from Jacob’s brother, Esau, and therefore forbid pork consumption; the Arabic people are largely from Ishmael’s line [from Abraham], so they also forbid pork). Specifically, Deut. 14 3 starts the section of “clean and unclean meats.”

Heb. 8 5 defines the Old Testament as the “shadow” of things to come. In other words, the Old Covenant was based on physical promises–had Israel only obeyed the letter of the law (not the spirit, or thought), it would have received physical blessings, such as rain in due season, abundant crop yields, divine protection from enemies, protection from plagues and diseases, no infant mortality and prosperity to the nth degree–all for just obeying the commandments. The “blessings and cursings” chapter regarding this is in Deut. 28.

Heb 10 1 outlines how sacrifices were only intended to show basically two things: that sin is very expensive (raising a steer can cost FFA kids from 2-8k) when commited and that sacrifices to remove sin foreshadowed Christ’s ultimate sacrifice. However, Christ never did away with the law–made plain by Mat. 5 17-18–he only made it fuller. This means Christ meant both the letter and the spirit to now be kept. It would be accurate to categorize the New Testament as the “2.0” version, since the New reflects the Old in many ways. In fact, Gal 3 24 reflects this (as many scriptures in Paul’s epistles): the “law” (the Old Testament, how writers referred to it in the Bible at that time) was to guide us to a more fuller understanding, or to lead to the New. The “schoolmaster” in this verse is from the Greek for “a tutor” or an instructional guide that leads a small child by the hand. The inference is the “law” consists of the 'first steps" in obedience; eventually, once the child matures into an adult, it has had time to see the benefits of obedience as well as the consequences for disobdience. Once an adult it should realize that obedience to such things is in part its own reward, that such a thing is in its best interests.

Not eating pork is but one of the things forbidden by the Bible, as those things that are forbidden are intended as guides for good health for all and peaceable living with one’s fellow man.

Amen, :bow: :bow: :bow:

I’m not quite sure if that’s how it works…


So what exactly are you bowing to if you’re an athiest? :stuck_out_tongue: