Chriso's all in one printer challenge


My brother is currently looking for all in one Printer, Scanner, and Copier. The main features that he wants are:

[li]High resolution on the scanner and printer, must also produce crisp text with no bleeding
[/li][li]Ideally £100 or less (less is better)
[/li][li]Low running costs, particularly cartridges (ie fairly high capacity and cheap, most likely going to use remanufactured cartridges)
[/li][li]Eco-friendly if possible, contributes to the lower running costs and generally seems a good idea
[/li][li]Small dimensions, black if possible and nice looking (insisted on by the missus)
I’m sure there’s something out there that meets the criteria, but so far there’s always been one or two things wrong with the models I’ve seen.

Cheers for your help

Canon makes good multifunction units, check out the selection Here, the Pixma MP620 looks good but its very new.