Chrismas present for Mom Part 2 PLz Help!



I had did a post the other day abot trying to find a printer for mom to do mainly pictures. I got posts from some people and im chosing a cannon model . The Epson Artisian has so many bad reports of problems. What I liked about it u could get every size picture from it. You could get a Ciss for it and it had a Cd tray. Like I said this will be for mom and for pictures mainly. One of the Cannon Models I was looking at was the Pixma IP 4700 and I was reading reviews and people raved about the IP 4500 and slammed the IP 4600! I thought the higher the number the better. Now I’ve found A IP 5000. Question What Pixma Ip series would u guys/gals recommend. Im also looking at Pixma MP 990 and there was bad reviews about the MP 980 Ink consumption among other things. What Pixma MP series would u all recommend? And last but not least, the Pixma MX 860. Here the MX 680 was pretty good; Waht about this one! Out of the Pixma MX Series what would u Cannon users out there recommend? Hopefully between the 3 top choices they will be able to print all sizes of pictures and will be able to get a Ciss System for it! Again thanks for ur help this is mind boggeling! I hear alot more people saying Cannon for pictures but, which printer!


It’s getting crunch time does anyone know about these printers? I really need help cause I know nothing about them! I need a good picture printer that hopefully has the option for Ciss. The epson artisian has alot of bad reviews! I need something for mom that will do her pictures! She’s a picture freek!!! Again thank you for ur time!!!


In terms of photo quality, the differences between the IP4xxx and IP5xxx models are insignificant. the IP5000 is of course discontinued, but has the advantage of using un-chipped ink tanks, making compatible tanks cheap and plentiful. The IP4500 uses the same ink but is a chipped tank, making compatibles more costly and less available. The IP4600 and 4700 use a smaller tank and cost more to run. Compatible tanks for the newer models are rare or nonexistent.

None of the Canon models play nice with CISS systems.

If I had access to a new IP5000 I’d grab it, but such is unlikely. The MP/MX multifunction models use the exact same print engine as the IP line, if they use the same tanks as a IP model, they are the same printer.

None of the Canon models can print CDs in the USA. The IP models up to and including IP4500 can be modded to print on discs. The IP5000 can too.