Chosing the best writing quality burner

I´m new to this forum and searching for help on chosing a burner.

I want one that was the best writing quality, i have no interest on the copy protection nor audio quality aspects of the buner.

The burner is to be used for data burn (divx) and playstation backups (unprotected ones) to be played on a PSX with modchip.

I was thinking about the new plextor 48/24/48 or yamaha 44/24/44 and money is no object on choosing the burner.

However i´m worried of the writing speeds of the plextor because the burner supports 4x has the lowest recording speed and i was told that PSX backup can only be recorded at 2x.

Thanks in advance.

and i was told that PSX backup can only be recorded at 2x.

Such statements are never true. Not for certain dvd players, not for any cd player. Never.

It’s always the combination of writer, media and speed. You can’t give any general rules. Especially LiteOns will produce better results at higher speeds (24x or more) than with low speeds on certain media.

So can i burn a PSX backup at any speed with the correct burner and media? Do you burn PSX backups? If so i´d appreciate any comments and experiences.


It’s hard to imagine the increase in burn quality that would justify the difference in price between the LiteOn 48x drive and the Plex or Yamaha models. My own 48x LiteOn produces flawless burns on TY media at 40x and 48x. “0” C2 errors and C1 rates that are comparable to 16x burning.
Now, how much better doea a drive have to be to justify a price that is 2-3 times as much as the LiteOn? Only you can decide that, but I’d rather have 2 LiteOns than a Plex or Yami.

For Taiyo Yuden media, neither Yamaha nor Plextor produce better burns. Just make sure you can get Taiyo Yuden media before you buy a LiteOn.

I’d go for the Yamaha and get great results on EVERY media and not just TY. OWSC works flawlessly always in selecting the appropriate burnspeed for the media if you just leave it at max.
If you want quality and don’t care for price, go for it.

Seriously, I’d like to see test results for the Yamaha drive and CMC media. Are there any such tests around to look at? If it’s really able to produce flawless burns on cheap media at 40x speed, then it might be worth while. But then TY is just as cheap if you buy on sale.
BTW, Fuji 40x media is now on sale at Best Buy, 30 ct spindles for something like $9, before the mail-in rebate. I think the rebate is another $5 off. It’s around .15 per disc.

Yeah the Lite-on burners have a nice price and sure they’re fast, but what about writing quality? The review on the 40/12/48 is clear with smart-burn enabled the burner creates C2 errors on some media.
Here´s the review at CDFreaks:
Both plextor’s and yamaha’s drives are more towards writing quality.

Both plextor’s and yamaha’s drives are more towards writing quality.

Again, is there some data or test results available that support this statement? I really do want to know. And I’m not talking about old 24x drive tests, but 40x tests.

The discs where the LiteOn did not produce good results were PostTech :Z , Fornet :Z , Moser Baer :Z , MMMM :Z . Mitsubishi was the only really good media that didn’t work properly iirc.

What I saw from the Plextor 48x review is that it is not very friendly to crap media either.

What I saw from the Plextor 48x review is that it is not very friendly to crap media either

I’m thinking that any high speed drive will show the same problems with CMC, but if one of them is writing to CMC at 40x/48x without errors I’d like to know about it. Maybe someone with a Yamaha or Plex could run some tests comparing CMC and TY?

I don’t know what speed the F1 reaches with CMC media, but it doesn’t produce errors with OWSC on, even if it doesn’t reach max speed, and that’s for any crap-o media, as long as the disc isn’t defective and just naturally crappy. 48x? It’s a 44x drive :slight_smile:

I can also slow the burn speed on my LiteOn and get the same results. The question was whether ANY drive can burn these cheap CDR’s at 40x or more without errors.

Fallen is right. F1 with OWSC on doesn´t produce error with CMC or any other media.
On the other Liteon with SMART-BURN does and it’s not just CMC media.
And sure you can reduce manually the writing speed and thus increase writing quality but that´s only because SMART-BURN doesn’t do a very good job by itself.
The question isn´t about speed (30 seconds more or less are irrelevant) it’s about writing quality.

I always burnt my psx games at 8x with my yamaha writer and i never had any problem with the cd be ready on the PSX:)…neway dont use Princo cdrs for PSX games, cos they cannot be play on PSX…i found Mitsui, and TDK r the best!!!

The question isn´t about speed (30 seconds more or less are irrelevant

Yes, that IS the question. There appears to be no evidence that the Yamaha can produce any better burns at a given speed than the LiteOn .

Thanks for the advise Son Goku.:slight_smile:

One indication of writing quality is OWSC or SMART-BURN efectiveness.
The review on liteon 40/12/48 is still on and this pretty clear on the matter - liteon produces errors with SMART-BURN on.

I for one would like to simply choose maximum burn speed with OWSC or SMAR-BURN and not have to care about the cd’s erros.

Oh and by the way Son Goku do you play PSX on emulators or actuall console with modchip? What i mean is: does PSX burning generates different results based on where the backup is being played? I been told PSx is quite picky on burning speed and media…:confused:

Thanks in advance.:bow:

liteon produces errors with SMART-BURN on.

This is certainly news to me. no errors here.

Just check the reviews on cdfreaks it’s pretty clear.