Chose my next drive for me!

I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. When it comes to me saying anything bad about plextor all you like to do is talk shit at me. :Z
So ask me if I give a two shit for what you have to say! :Z :eek:

drpino, PC-GUY is entitled to give his opinion without getting a snide remark.

PC-GUY, cool off. Another reply like the one I deleted will get you sin binned in the future.

Jees, I didn’t think a simple question would result in a flame war!

I think I’ll wait for the BenQ DW1640 to get reviewed and then decide between that and the NEC 3540 - of course the availability of hacked firmware is also a major vote swinger.

my apologies sej7278 and C0deKing.

good luck in your decision making process.

Can you tell me why?

I would go for the LG GSA-4163B, no doubt about that. :iagree:
Or wait for the LG GSA-4165B