Choppy Video with Nero 7

Hello, I’ve been attempting to burn some video files i have from my computer onto dvd-r’s (they are not copy protected), I have been attempting to use nero 7 ultra, but whenever i burnt he dvd the video playback becomes choppy at some point in the video both on the computer and on the TV. The videos are in AVI format. my computer specs are:
Intel E6700 core 2 duo
Nvidia gefore 8800gtx
4gig DDR2 800mhz RAM
Nvidia 680i chipset Motherboard.
The audio doesn’t seem to be affected, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I think you can rule out problems with the blank media you are using, as reading issues would cause problems with audio as well. The particular playback device should also be in the clear if you are experiencing the problem in multiple devices. Are you burning the .avi files as a data disc and playing back in an MPEG-4 enabled player, or are you attempting to burn a DVD-Video disc? The latter would introduce the possiblity of errors during the transcoding/reencoding process.

Try to determine the original AV codecs used for the source file. Freeware utility avicodec is easily found using google if you have no other way to determine the format.

Also, it’s a longshot, but make sure your BIOS is up to date. 680i based mobos have had problems with data corruption.

I am Burning the avi files as a video and they are being transcoded to (i assume) VOB format before they are burned by nero. I have Burned at least 3 copies of different avi files of the same format and all had this choppy playback. My bios is brand new as well, so i think that can be rules out.

So what are the source files? .avi is a wrapper format that can contain just about anything- MPEG1, MPEG2, DivX, Xvid, etc.

If the source is an MPEG 4 variant, it is quite possible that the fault lies not with Nero, but with the codec you are using (or some combination of the two). The next step would be to figure out how it is being decoded. Xvid, ffdshow, etc. can all decode multiple versions of MPEG 4- often in their own quirky ways that may not be completely compliant.

Create a control by reencoding to DVD compliant MPEG2 using virtualdub or some other video manipulation program. Problems with that file would point to a source file/codec issue while a clean reencoding would point to a Nero incompatibility.